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It is my pleasure to welcome you at the homepage of Tomori Pál College!

Our College, which was founded in the countryside town of Kalocsa in 2004, is a higher education institution recognized by the state. In the recent years most of our teaching activities have been concentrated to Budapest. After a period of dynamic growth, our College established campuses in Budapest and Kecskemét. At our Campus in Budapest we are receiving our students in a mansion-like building in a wonderful park setting. The building of the College also hosts a student hostel with various facilities for our boarding students.

At Tomori Pál College we are primarily committed to provide study opportunities in higher education to talented children of less affluent families. We believe that, by fulfilling this important function, our College largely contributes to the broad range of higher education institutions in Hungary.

A few years ago the Management of the College decided to introduce the Institution on the international market. Courses in English have been started for our foreign students who may now choose from the courses of Business Administration and Management, International Business Administration and International Relations.

Our College is noted for its family-like and student-oriented atmosphere, where both tutors and students can recharge and receive immediate feedback of their performance.

Why should you choose Tomori Pál College? You may find plenty of reasons. As a relatively small institution we are more flexible to meet market requirements, compared to large institutions. We are making efforts to ensure that graduating students become proud of both their skills acquired and our institution.

We, teachers, are working to achieve success for all of us. Join us if you are ready to accept new challenges. We want to make you proud of both yourself and us!


Dr. Meszlényi Rózsa Ph.D.

Rector Emertita, Owner

Rector Emertita, Owner



Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of Pál Tomori College!

In 2021, Tomori Pál College celebrated its 18th anniversary. The joint mission of the College and its teaching staff is to disseminate knowledge and provide high quality education in the fields of economics, social sciences, and the humanities.

The College, as a student-friendly institution, is open to the widest possible range of interested applicants. We place great emphasis on providing high quality education in small groups. We encourage our students to do a great job in studying while having fun.

We make continuous efforts to ensure that Tomori Pál College remains popular and is looked upon as a progressive institution. In addition to the high standard of education, we strive to teach our students in the spirit of democratic and humanist values. One of our main goals is that students adopt a tolerant, critical and creative way of thinking.

In recent years, we have experienced a growing interest in our bachelor programs from the part of international students, but we are also focusing on a wide range of student and staff mobilities and teaching foreign languages. The increased interest of foreign students also testifies to the fact that our college is recognized not only in Hungary, but also as an important higher educational institution on the international stage.

We work closely with other foreign and domestic partners in higher education, as well as with companies operating in the markets of the Hungarian region. Senior professionals and executives in companies are actively involved in designing the curriculums and often in education as well.

Our institution wants to be the knowledge base and intellectual center of the region. It provides an environment for innovation and manpower to create a prosperous and sustainable future for citizens and a high quality of life. We achieve this through innovative research, the presentation of our research results and high-standard education. We hope that the degree issued by Tomori Pál College is paired with marketable knowledge and it guarantees quality.

As the Acting Rector of the institution, I believe that the website of Tomori Pál College will provide its readers with adequate information about the activities of the institution, the training, education and research profile of the College, and our results achieved so far.

I wish you good health, a lot of strength and perseverance!

Kind regards:

Dr. habil. László Suhányi

Acting Rector