Tomori Pál College

Study Abroad - Free movers


Tomori Pál College provides all assistance necessary for credit transfers.

Our programmes include short-term courses with subjects arranged in blocks to complete within a period of 1 or 3 months.

At the end of your study period, the Tomori Pál College will produce a full transcript showing all the courses you have completes and all the grades you have earned.


The tution fees of the Study Abroad programs depend on the number of credits per your study period. 

The cost of one credit is 80 EUR.

Please note that you have to take at least 10  ECTS credits/one month study period or 20 ECTS credits/ three months period.


Why choose Tomori Pál College?

  • We offer practice-oriented programmes in small classes, focusing on skills development.
  • College is situated in some of the most beautiful surroundings in Budapest (Budapest campus building used to be a mansion and it is set in a nice park).
  • We offer accommodation to all of our students at Budapest campus, in 2-3 persons/room, all equipped with a private bathroom. The accommodation fee is EUR 150 per month/person.
  • Students can use the WIFI connection free of charge, even in the park!